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Welcome to Knoks Bildeler AS

Knoks Bildeler AS was established in 1955 and is today one of the largest car dismantling companies in Norway. We handle approximately 5800 ELVs (End of Life Vehicles) every year.

In addition to this we have agreements with insurance companies from whom we buy condemned cars for dismantling. Our spare part inventory consist of approximately 38 000 parts. These are divided into a big variety of car models.

On our website you can search between our 38 000 spare parts. Use the search function ‘SØK ETTER BILDELER’.

On our website you can also see cars that have recently been bought from the insurance companies for dismantling but is not yet in the store. Look at 'Delebiler på lager'. These cars are to be dismantled so it is not possible to buy the entire car. Parts from these cars can be order from our sales department on either e-mail salg@knoks.no or phone no. 51 63 72 50. We would like to inform that parts on the pictures could have been dismantled and sold. Regarding these cars you can subscribe our newsletter which is sent whenever 5 new cars have been bought.

Our prices are at least 60% under new original prices of the parts.

We have a long experience in sending parts to customer all over Norway.

Private ELVs can be delivered to our facility. As of 2018 the scrap deposit is NOK 3000.- for cars registered in Norway (Norwegian registration number). Bring the car, registration documents, ID and bank account information  to our facility and we will issue a certificate of destruction, CoD,, a ‘vrakmelding’.

For foreign registered cars please contact Stavanger Tollsted to get a permission for scrapping. When having this permission bring the car to us for scrapping. If question regarding scrapping please contact siri.sveinsvoll@knoks.no.

Our main goal is to serve our customer with high quality used parts.

We have high focus on the environmental issues regarding our business. Our philosophy is to always work to improve our systems and stay up front of laws and regulations.

We have been certified according to ISO 14001:2004 standard since 2004.


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